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Creation of the links is the foundation for SEO services and there will be nothing that can beat backlinks from top-tier websites. They have a good trust of both the search engine and visitors.  The permission will be available to publish premium content to the clients that will boost the brand and improve ranking to the next level.

Magazine Quality Contributions

There are links from a publication like Forbes, the guardian are one of the most valuable options as they offer high standards for getting featured is hard. We have a complete idea about the process and how to complete it easily. We try to search for the option that proves to be the best one from the institutional websites to the industry leaders.

Finally, there is development of the innovative and valuable pitches for the editorial team. The creation of world-class content takes place that works as a good option for the final publications. The final process that we followed is although hard it is a worthy decision that will give profitable results in the future period.

Choose Publication

In our portfolio there are a lot of publications, we will try to identify the one that fits your business organization of the existing connection and possible new partners in the industry. Altogethjer the best option for you will be to choose the right options with genuine results.

Outreach And Pitch

There will be a complete analysis of the industry and try to come up with ideas that will be suitable for the featured content. At last, we will reach out to the chosen publication and pitch them till their editorial team gets the green light in the best possible way.

Magazine Level Content

At the time we reach an agreement the time is for our writers to work on a high-quality article so that the submission to the publication is in a complete editorial process. Links to your effective pages will be included in a completely organic manner with effective results.

Tracking & Reporting

The process of tracking in a complete way will be done easily from the dashboard, complete with the metrics to evaluate the final results after the publications. Here the inclusion of the white label report is also there if you have clients that are you're completely.

We handle everything starting with individually tailored content till end-to-end email campaign and programmer management.

Increase your online presence by choosing our email marketing services. Our award winning formula combines strategy, implementation and tracking.


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Tracking & Reporting Parameters

How long would the article be?

The length of the articles that are added is based on the quality of the auditorial. Mainly the premium editorial articles are 600 words which is a good and effective length. Some other sites also offer an option to post 600 to 800 words at a time for a single article. The selection of the words will be based on the sites and the editors. The trial can even be given to the lengthier article if you finally choose for the cost that will be greater than the normal one.

How many links can be added to a single article at a time?

For a single article, the permission to add a single link is only there. But if you wish your post to look completely natural and non-promotional then adding several high authority non-competing links to the posts will be a suitable option.

Can I make the payment after the link is live?

The complete work is done with the upfront payments, especially with the premium editorial links.  You will get the assurance that the results that you will get will be as per the payment that you have made for the respective services. Due to any reason if the satisfaction is not there then the total amount will be refunded for future assistance.

How long does this process take?

The time taken in the completion of the process is about 1 to 2 months; the exact time will be based on the site that you choose. Some sites take less time while others take even more than 2 months.

Can a person choose the anchor text and URL we want you to use?

Yes, you can but there is some situation that makes the situation to change the URL and anchor site it gets posted on might not give the acceptance to certain links and the available anchor texts.